Total legal cost to Kentucky for fighting marriage equality? About $2,350,000.

Total legal cost to Kentucky for fighting marriage equality? About $2,350,000. August 25, 2015

Kentucky fought marriage equality for two years, all the way to the Supreme Court.  Funny thing about being on the losing side: you get to pay the other side’s legal fees.

Gov. Steve Beshear hired lawyers to defend the state of Kentucky’s ban on gay marriage for two years in the federal courts, arguing that Kentuckians deserved “finality and understanding of what the law is.”

Understanding can be expensive. Two months after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage, teams of attorneys who successfully represented the same-sex couples have submitted a bill for more than $2 million in legal fees, court costs and related expenses. Under federal civil rights law, the losing party — in this case, the state of Kentucky — gets stuck with the tab.

The private attorneys whom Beshear hired to handle the state’s appeals have a $260,000 contract, of which $231,348 had been paid by July 20, according to state records.

Total cost to taxpayers: $2,351,297.

For trying to keep other Americans relegated to the role of second-class citizens you’ll need Jesus.  For everything else, you’d better god damn hope there’s Mastercard.  Because while Jesus apparently wanted the state to fight, Jesus couldn’t be bothered to represent them or to pick up the tab – neither will all those churches that cheered on this foredoomed defense.  I hope it was worth it, Kentucky.

Ironically, I’ll wager just about every person who says, “Yes!  It was totally worth it!” is simultaneously pissed at the Democrats for being financially irresponsible.

No wonder Beshear told Kim Davis to issue those licenses after Obergefell.  Don’t worry, Kim Davis.  This whole thing didn’t work out for Kentucky, but I’m sure Jesus will make sure it’ll work out just fine for you.  Have faith.

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