Alabama gets its bill for fighting marriage equality: $545,000 and counting.

Alabama gets its bill for fighting marriage equality: $545,000 and counting. September 2, 2015

Kentucky recently got their bill for fighting same-sex marriage over the course of two years: about $2,350,000 paid directly to attorneys the state probably doesn’t like.  Ouch.  Think of all the teachers that could’ve hired, the scholarships, the fixed roads, etc.  Nope.  Keeping gay people apart was just too important, I guess.

Seriously though, if somebody tells you keeping gay people from marrying is a higher priority than educating the young or fixing the outdated infrastructure throughout your state (*cough* roads), they probably shouldn’t be believed when they tell you their political party of choice is the one to make things better for America.

Anyway, Alabama just got their bill for the same.  They’re getting out light at only $200,000 (of course, amazingly, they fought it less hard and less long than Kentucky):

Attorneys that represented the lesbian couple that successfully sued to overturn Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban are asking the state to reimburse them for nearly $200,000 in legal fees and costs.

David Kennedy and Christine Hernandez filed a motion on Monday in U.S. District Court in Mobile seeking $99,175 and $98,535. Kennedy told that it would be up to U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade to approve the payout.

“There’s precedent all over the country for it,” Kennedy said. “Near about any time someone makes a constitutional challenge in terms of challenging whether the law itself is constitutional or not, the federal law allows for recovery of attorney fees if you’re successful.”

Of course, this compounds other expenses accrued thanks to Judge Roy Moore’s legal fuckery:

Some attorney fees racked up in the same-sex marriage legal battle have already been paid. reported in June that Mobile County Probate Judge Don Davis has employed a half-dozen lawyers and spent more than $200,000 on same-sex marriage litigation while the office navigated conflicting orders from a federal judge and Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore.

Mobile County spokeswoman Nancy Johnson said later that the county received an additional $145,000 in attorney fees related to the same-sex marriage litigation, but that the last bill had not been turned over to the county.

Edward Bowron, an attorney with the firm Burr & Forman, testified in an affidavit that Kennedy and Hernandez’ attorney fees were just. He said that he typically charges $325 per hour or more. Charging $275 per hour for the same-sex marriage case “is on the lower end of the spectrum for the work of this complexity and time required,” he said.

But no worries.  It’s not like Alabama’s education system and infrastructure is lagging behind the rest of the country’s, so they can afford to piss money away on foredoomed lawsuits or trying to skirt laws already established at the level of the Supreme Court.


Ah well, maybe they can just ask Jesus to pick up the tab.

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