Survivor lawsuit against Huckabee story is a hoax.

Survivor lawsuit against Huckabee story is a hoax. September 10, 2015

If you google “survivor lawsuit huckabee” this is what you come up with:

survivor1Seems legit.  NBC is pretty reliable after all.

However, the NBC article is a hoax site setup to look like NBC.  It even took me in initially.  They got Edge too, who caught on today:

Since first publishing this piece, EDGE has learned that we have been hoaxed. At this time, there is no lawsuit pending involving Survivor and Mike Huckabee and Kim Davis. The NBC cited in this article is a fake news website and has no affiliation with NBC News. Paul Horner, the Harvard Law Professor quoted by NBC in this article is fictitious as well. While there is precedent in this case to support a lawsuit, usually such cases are settled out of court.

While survivor is certainly pissed, a lawsuit hasn’t been filed yet.


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