Tim Tebow released from the Eagles. Experts suggest he give up trying to be an NFL quarterback.

Tim Tebow released from the Eagles. Experts suggest he give up trying to be an NFL quarterback. September 5, 2015

Tim Tebow was deemed not good enough to be the third string quarterback for the Eagles.  Today they released him:

[Tebow’s] release Saturday came a day after the Eagles traded Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals, opening the No. 3 quarterback job. The Eagles are opting to move ahead with two, Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez, while Tebow hits the street again.

[Coach Chip Kelly] praised Tebow’s improvement but said the Eagles didn’t think he’s good enough to be the No. 3 QB – a fairly strong assessment of a player who’s 28 years old and has made 16 NFL starts. “He just needs to get more playing time,” Kelly said, yet the Eagles decided not to give Tebow those reps on their scout team.

Whatever strides Tebow made with his throwing motion haven’t made up for how he struggles to read defenses and throw an accurate ball. Those are two pretty big shortcomings for anyone trying to be an NFL quarterback, even one with a 9-7 record as a starter.

The team said this has nothing to do with the often religiously driven fervor to support Tebow:

This has nothing to do with the potential distraction of Tebowmania. This is about Tebow not being a good enough quarterback to warrant the Eagles keeping him instead of an empty roster spot as they trimmed down to 52.

If Bradford gets hurt (again), would the Eagles turn to a guy who already knows their offense to back up Sanchez and whoever gets the No. 3 job? Never say never, especially with Kelly running the personnel show. But the smart money says Tebow has seen an NFL field for the last time.

That’s harsh…when a team would rather have an empty roster slot than you.  :\  I don’t like Tebow, but even I sympathize with the guy on that front.

Said Tom Pelissero:

If he can’t play for a coach as smart and open-minded as Chip Kelly, in a Philadelphia Eagles offense made for quarterbacks who can move, on a team that seemed to truly want him to succeed, Tebow’s NFL career may be truly over this time.

So here’s the deal: Tim Tebow is not an NFL quarterback and never was.  The only reason he got starts with Denver was because of a fan base who hardcore pushed for him to get those starts for reasons that had nothing to do with his skill as a football player.  Yes “he” won games during that time (and I guess the NFL’s #1 defense that year was just along for the ride), but even his stats when he was winning games painted the picture of a player who was outclassed in the role by countless players in the development league.

Maybe he could be a preacher, but Tim Tebow is simply not good enough to play quarterback in the NFL.

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