How is that Doritos boycott going?

How is that Doritos boycott going? October 26, 2015

Earlier this month I wrote about Mike Huckabee launching a boycott against Doritos due to Frito-Lay releasing limited edition bags of rainbow chips to benefit the It Gets Better Project (of course, when people boycott places Huckabee likes, then it’s economic terrorism…but just a boycott when Huck does it).

That’ll show them.  In fact, blogger Joe Jervis has acquired some of Frito-Lay’s financial information from this month.  Oh, I’ll bet they’re sorry now!


Wait, what?  But how can this be?  Is the graph upside down?  I thought Jesus was going to come down and set Frito-Lay straight.  And those howls I hear from Frito Lay HQ don’t appear to be squeals of anguish at all.  In fact, they sound almost like…laughter.

To quote Jervis:

On September 24th both Todd Starnes and One Million Moms called for a boycott of Frito-Lay/PepsiCo because of them there evil godless rainbow Doritos, which sold out entirely in 24 hours. It’s now a little over one month later and PepsiCo stock is up by 10%.  Not only that, a reader with access to grocery sales data reports that overall Doritos sales are up by 3% for the same period as last year.

So…um, what do I have to do to get handful of moms at One Million Moms and Mike Huckabee to boycott my blog?  I fancy early retirement.

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