Same-sex marriage now the law of the land in Ireland.

Same-sex marriage now the law of the land in Ireland. October 30, 2015

Ireland is traditionally a pretty Catholic place and you know how the Catholic Church feels about those icky gays.  In March the Bishop of Elphin, Kevin Doran, compared gay people to people with autism and said they couldn’t be good parents.

But the people have been quickly coming around on same-sex marriage and, in May, they got help from the real god (Google).  In late May the vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage was taken and the people of Ireland largely sided with the real god Google.  About 62% voted in favor of equality.

The Catholic Church called this a “defeat for humanity.”  Lawl.  As I wrote then: Inequality?  That’s a defeat for humanity.  The Vatican not getting to lord over the love lives of non-Catholics?  That’s the Vatican being prohibited from being jerks by force of law, since we clearly can’t rely on the Vatican to take care of that on its own.

Welp, early this morning it was signed into law.  Now it’s official:

Same-sex marriage was signed into law in Ireland, five months after a historic referendum saw the traditionally Catholic nation become the world’s first country to vote for gay unions.

“The Presidential Commission today signed the ‘Marriage Bill 2015′ into law,” the president’s office said in a statement, paving the way for the first weddings within a month.

This is no doubt indicative of the Catholic Church losing power in Ireland, just like August’s survey from Gallup International showed was taking place.

The Irish commitment to the Catholic religion is fast draining away, according to a new poll which points to a dramatic plunge in those who regard themselves as religious.  The Independent did a report on the survey and, well…

The survey confirms that Ireland, once regarded as particularly devout, has been almost transformed from the days when the Catholic church exercised both political power and strong social influence.

The church’s standing has taken a series of severe blows over the last decade, in particular suffering damage from a series of devastating sex abuse scandals. The sense is widespread that it has reacted sluggishly to the revelations and has been more concerned with defending itself rather than with the interests of victims.

The survey showed that those Irish who considered themselves religious had fallen from 69 per cent in 2011 to less than half today. Ireland was ranked seventh in the 57 countries for those describing themselves as convinced atheists.

And for bonus points:

David Quinn, a staunch defender of the faith who heads the Iona Institute, said the findings indicated a significant amount of hostility towards institutional religion. He said this and other polls had found that a quarter of those surveyed “would be happy if the church vanished from Ireland completely.”

Put me down with that group.

But that’s the real take home: sure, not all religious people are anti-gay.  However, in nations like Ireland or the United States of the people who are anti-gay it’s a near certainty they are anti-gay for religious reasons, probably to do with the bible.  Take religion out of the picture and much of people’s reasons to discriminate vanish.  As religion dies, so seems to die the opposition to LGBT rights on a national level.  We’re always told the bible instills kindness and morality, but if societies are largely pro-equality as religion diminishes it seems the opposite is true – that Christianity instills in many a favoritism to discrimination that ordinarily would not be there.

If you need further proof, just look at the Church’s leader who’s flying around the wold spreading exactly that message: that stopping loving gay people from marrying is the only moral answer to this scenario.  It’s kind of odd to be getting advice from an all-wise being and to still get such a simple moral question so astronomically wrong.

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