Secular Student Alliance running a “desperate” fundraiser.

Secular Student Alliance running a “desperate” fundraiser. October 6, 2015

I saw this tweet this morning:

So I follow the SSA.  I think they’re doing some of the most efficient and most important work in the business.  They’ve never used that word “desperately” before without citing why (at least to my knowledge).  That seemed out of place to me, so I contacted the SSA.  They wouldn’t tell me what made this fundraiser or the significantly high total (of which they are worth every cent) so desperate, but I’m inclined to take them at their word.  I did get this quote back from executive director August Brunsman in which he confirms fundraising has lagged this year:

“The bottom line is that fundraising is behind where we really need it to be. To come close to keeping pace with all of the secular students who benefit from our programs, we need to raise $100,000 by October 31st.  Fifteen years ago, eight students and recent students started the Secular Student Alliance.  They were part of secular student groups and wanted others to have the same life changing experience they did.  Since then, well over 30,000 students have been a part of Secular Student Alliance community.  This required the work of thousands of dedicated students leaders, but also required thousands of non-students to step up and support the Secular Student Alliance financially.  We need every non-student secularists who wants a more secular future to help us raise $100,000 by the end of the month so that we can support the next 30,000 students.  We’ve already raised over $30,000 towards this goal.  Every gift helps.”

So…I’m going to send them $20.  I’m not rich, but it’s something.  This organization has done ridiculous amounts of good for the generation that gives secularism and comfortable atheism the most hope.  If you have money, follow this link and toss some their way.

Don’t have money?  Hey, I get that.  Help spread the word.  You can do that for free.  🙂

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