Fallout 4 is upon us

Fallout 4 is upon us November 10, 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year, you know today is the release of the highly anticipated Fallout 4. The Fallout series is one of the most beloved among gamers and Bethesda always seems to deliver. I don’t review games professionally so I don’t get pre-release versions of titles. So, I’ll be playing right along with you guys but I will write a review for it. I gave a glance at a few scores from gaming journalist sites and so far, the game is getting near perfect numbers. We shall see if we agree.

Before I get to my review, I thought I might bring up something that caught my eye yesterday. My last post brought on some great discussions and I hope this does as well. My Twitter timeline was full, all day, of people fighting back and forth over which is better; PC, X-Box One or PS4. Which version of Fallout 4 looks the best? I saw people sniping at each other and some getting downright offensive. There were a few voices of reason, myself included, mentioning that the fighting adds nothing. But, it did remind me that every time a AAA game comes out on multiple systems, we get this.

The graphics of a game have never been on the top of my list on why I play it. I do understand, however, why others would want certain games to have a standard so as not to deter from the overall game play. But this argument happens every time and so I guess my question is simply; why?

Why do people feel the need to attack others who have chosen a different platform then they? I am not speaking of comments or articles that merely explain facts. There were a few that just gave comparisons without any bias at all. But I mostly saw people arguing over why their version was better and then belittling the others they hadn’t picked. Why does this happen every time? What is so hard about picking where you want to play a game and playing it? Why does everyone have to pick the same and if they don’t, they receive derision for it? It has a similar feel to the religious. If you aren’t my brand of religion then I must tell you why you’re wrong and if you continue to disagree I will belittle you for your choice.

FYI: My review will be from the X-Box One version.

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