Is this a bug cop-out?

Is this a bug cop-out? November 19, 2015

Earlier in the week I asked about bugs and why we forgive them in some games and not in others. Coincidentally, Wired wrote an article on why we shouldn’t complain about bugs in Fallout 4. A little section from it:

Bethesda games don’t care. They excel at what I’d call the “minimally-supported edge case.” They let you do what the systems and the world imply you can do. Even if it’s not well supported. Even if it’s going to look bad. Because that freedom is what’s important and special.

Is this a cop-out? We shouldn’t complain too much about bugs to keep our freedom? Can we make the reverse argument then and say a game shouldn’t be that “free” if it means a buggy experience? I’m not blind to the “give up some freedom for security” parallel either.

What do you guys think? Freedom of game play or less buggy game play experience?

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