MORNING HAPPINESS: A waterfall in the woods.

MORNING HAPPINESS: A waterfall in the woods. November 10, 2015

I follow some professional gamers on  For those unfamiliar with that platform, a person who owns a channel can elect to “host” another channel on theirs.  So, hypothetically, if I chose to go to sleep but Nicole was streaming a game, I could host her stream on mine so all my viewers would see her.

So the Creativity channel on Twitch decided this last week it would stream every episode of the show “The Joy Of Painting” with Bob Ross which used to run on PBS.  It quickly became a phenomenon as more channels hosted the Bob Ross stream.  I recall one day tuning in to one of my favorite players only to see Bob Ross.  Confused, I sat there with 50,000 other people who had come to watch our favorite video game (and then 52k, then 54k…then 60k and so forth) for about an hour watching Bob do his thing.

As the week went on I noticed several of my other favorite channels hosting Bob.  By the time it was all said and done a steady 400,000 were petitioning Twitch not to take the stream down (and I’m happy to report they sort of succeeded).

Anyway, I’ve been binge watching Bob Ross and it makes me happy, so here’s an episode for you all:

Here’s to having a great Tuesday. 🙂

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