My father on all the nations that are showing Republican governors how to respond with compassion.

My father on all the nations that are showing Republican governors how to respond with compassion. November 18, 2015

My father recently posted something that I thought was definitely worth sharing:

Scotland is taking refugees. Canada is taking refugees.

Argentina has 300 refugee families.

Australia has 2200 and will accept 12,000 more.

Austria has 18,000. Brazil has 1740.

Bulgaria has over 5,000 with another 5,000 expected this year.

Germany has 105,000.

Greece has over 88,000.

Jordan has absorbed some 500,000 Syrian refugees.

Kuwait has an estimated 120,000 Syrian nationals.

As of April 2015, there are 1,196,560 estimated Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Malaysia will take 3000.

New Zealand will take 800.

Norway will take 8,000.

About 5,000 Syrian refugees have settled in Russia since 2012.

Slovenia has reportedly considered housing “up to 10,000” refugees.

Sweden already has 38,636.

As of April 2015, there are 2,138,999 estimated Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Britain has over 5,000 so far and plans to accept another 20,000.

Venezuela is prepared to give asylum to 20,000 refugees from Syria.

To all the governors wanting to deny refugees: The above countries show you how to respond with compassion instead of cowardice.

And do you know what makes it so ironic?  The United States?  We’re the ones who created this whole damn situation and primarily because the Republicans under George W. Bush were practically tripping over themselves to go in and destabilize Iraq.

From the moment we ousted Saddam, iron-fisted though he was, the destabilization of Iraq was inevitable unless we were ready to commit our soldiers there until the end of time. The Shiites and Sunnis were being kept from each other’s throats by Hussein and when we removed him from power it was either our responsibility to do the same or watch it all crumble. That’s on George W. Bush who decided to invade based on bad intelligence (bad intelligence his administration helped to craft) when there was no fucking reason.

You want to talk about who created the void for ISIS to fill? That’s the good ol’ US of A back when Republicans had control of every branch of our government. We organized that vacuum of power. The moment somebody wasn’t there to hold them apart the warring sects of Islam in Iraq were going to try to kill each other. Now we have ISIS because one side won out. All we had to do was sit back and let Saddam Hussein do it, but no, Republicans apparently wanted the responsibility. Well, now we’ve got it and it’s the Republicans who want to turn their back on ISIS/ISIL’s victims.

Fucking cowards.  Party of personal responsibility, my ass.

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