Muslim judge swears in on the Koran. Suddenly government officials swearing on a holy book is an issue.

Muslim judge swears in on the Koran. Suddenly government officials swearing on a holy book is an issue. December 15, 2015

New York just elected a Muslim civil judge who swore in on her religion’s holy book, just like Christians who are elected do.  Suddenly government officials swearing in on a holy book that commands wanton killing and/or people acquiring political office to supposedly make laws based on their religion rather than on the Constitution is an issue.

Following her election last month, Carolyn Walker-Diallo was sworn in as a civil judge for the 7th Municipal District in a Brooklyn Borough hall last Thursday. She chose to take her oath using a Koran instead of a Bible.

After video of the New York Law School graduate was posted online by community activist and litigator Mohammed Mujumder, enraged commenters swarmed his Facebook page to express their outrage, with one writing, “Another piece of shit Muslim. Trying to take over this country.”

Yeah, how horrible that a religious person would seek a position of power and how irresponsible it would be if she transposed her own religious values onto her role of governmental authority…like you clearly want some other people to do. Hypocrite.

Mixed in with racist memes accusing President Barack Obama of being a Muslim were concerns that Walker-Diallo might institute Sharia law from her East New York City bench.

Yeah, it would be terrible if she made rulings based on religious beliefs instead of on the Constitution and established jurisprudence, wouldn’t it?

“How is using anything other than the holy bible to be sworn in acceptable?” wrote Randy Helms, with Andrew Green adding, “Absolutely disgusting. What a shame and pitiful place New York has become.”

I just…I have no words for the lack of self-awareness.  None at all.

Ray Ivy wrote: “That is so sick, she should be arrested for that,” setting off more commenters. Others wrote, “This is a sad day for America!” and “Makes me sick.”

What do you want to bet that this is a person who is also worried that religious liberty is under attack in this country?

Linda Brice Burleson took a stab at being reasonable, adding: “In thinking about this, I believe it is foolish for Muslims to be in positions of authority. It’s just asking for trouble; but there is no point in swearing them in on Bibles, since the Bible means nothing to them. Unfortunately, their holy book tells them it is okay to say and do whatever furthers the cause of Islam,” before Terrie cut to the chase with, “Just a short time before Sharia law is implemented. What idiots allow this”

Yes, if only she’d been sworn in on a book that orders killing in defense of the faith (the bible), that’d be so much better.

As for what idiots allow this, it was the voters in a representative democracy established by the Constitution — the same one that does away with religious tests for public office.

Look guys, I hate Islam as much as the next guy, but your arguments seem to be based on some derpy assumption that Christians should get to rule this melting pot of a country.  That’s ridiculous.

Simon Shears predicted doom: “This is but one of the many signs that unless we do something, anything, not just our way of life but our lives will be put to an end…” while Tom Horne went into more detail, writing: “Those who have never served our country have no idea what their freedom is, it is a fragile thing and they are working to overthrow us from the inside and out. It is one thing to be kind it is another to be foolish, when they are holding you about to chop off your head I would like nothing more then to hear your opinion at that time. You hear and read information spoon-fed to you threw them media from our government – it will not be long in all of you soft headed people will scream and moan and cry out to God but he will not hear you.”

One non-Christian judge hired to do a job that doesn’t have shit to do with religion and suddenly “our” way of life will be put to an end.  Funny wording there: “our.”  It turns out Muslims live in this country too and have just as much ownership of it as Christians.

Robert P. Schwartz had a question: “What happened to the AMERICAN TRADITION OF A BIBLE ??????????????????????????” before Ben Mussellman added, “Burn this book and wipe your ass with it what a trader.”

It’s only a tradition because Christians are far and away the most elected demographic in this country.  Not only that, they are elected, swear in on their holy book, and then do exactly what you’re scared this Muslim lady is going to try to do — and you support it!  You think it’s great!

We have thousands upon thousands of Christians swearing into office on a book that commands wanton killing and exalts a god who murdered virtually every human being on the planet, some of whom actually legislate based on that book rather than on the Constitution and nobody panics.But we get one non-Christian who swears in on her religion’s holy book and everybody loses their minds!

Didn’t that bible you want people swearing in on say a thing or two about hypocrites?

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