Sam Brownback decides he’s going to defund Planned Parenthood.

Sam Brownback decides he’s going to defund Planned Parenthood. January 15, 2016

Shortly before Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the people who made dishonest videos (which resulted in a madman shooting up one of their clinics to “protect the babies”) Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback decided he was going to cut state funding to PP in Kansas:

A letter dated for Tuesday was issued to Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Susan Mosier stating that the agency should take “all necessary steps to terminate Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri and all associated medial providers.”

A spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood said the move to take Medicaid funding from the organization would directly affect patients.

“Medicaid funding supports our patients who are the very lowest income in the state so these are folks who qualify for one of the three managed care organizations that supply our Medicaid health insurance. So this is going to affect our patients who are the very lowest income who come to us for their basic preventive health care,” Planned Parenthood Government Director Elise Higgins said.

Ordinarily the poor would be outraged at nixing something that specifically affects them and their well-being.  But pump a little lot of Jesus into the poorest people in the state, tell ’em it’s what Jesus wants, and they’ll jump up and down and shout “Halleljuah!” about it.

Those health services include birth control, pap smears, breast cancer exams among others. The Wichita location does not provide abortion services but the Overland Park location does.

The governor said there are services available elsewhere and said to Eyewitness News, “We’re happy to provide services through other entities and are.”

That’s actually true, but not because of Gov. Brownback who has bankrupted the state.  Kansas ranks 28th in the nation in quality of healthcare.  That sounds bad (what with being in the bottom half), but when you compare it to neighboring southern states that are all in the bottom quartile and take into account the fact that Kansas essentially has no money (thanks to Brownback) it’s kind of impressive.  They also rank 23rd in terms of healthcare for the poor.

But this is largely due to the KU Med school in Kansas City, MO, a very good medical school, which encourages doctors to stay in Kansas (and gives them ludicrous incentives to do so).

Yes, Brownback has a history of demonstrating contempt for the poor.  But when he says other services are available where birth control and women’s health can be covered, he’s not exactly lying (and remember, truth above ideology).  That being said it’s hard to imagine anybody does it as cheaply as PP, and Brownback would like you to believe he should get the credit when he shouldn’t.

But he said Kansas is a pro-life state and said now is the time to defund the organization because of accusations against Planned Parenthood that include the sale of fetal tissue in other states.

“Pro-life,” what a stupid phrase.  Nobody is pro-death.  And if you’re pro-life you wouldn’t be trying to kill an organization which augments the quality of life for the poor.  They’re living too, y’know?

But what Brownback means, of course, is that Kansas is a state that doesn’t like abortion.  Much of the citizenry doesn’t, but it ain’t their call.  Abortion is legal and rightly so — and the state has a medicaid contract with PP.  You can’t just walk away from that as federal judges have said in Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, and Texas.

Oh, and while Brownback cited those dishonest videos (which have been proven dishonest by investigations in seven other states) in his State of the State Address as his reason to defund Planned Parenthood, the results of the state investigation that he requested came back:

Kansas’ medical board is taking no action against a Planned Parenthood clinic after completing an investigation into whether illegal sales of fetal tissue are occurring after abortions.

A State Board of Healing Arts disciplinary attorney sent a letter last week to Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri saying the board’s disciplinary staff had investigated the group’s clinic in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park.

The letter said “no further action will be taken at this time.”

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback called for the investigation last year and this week ordered the state to prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funds.

Y’know, when you ask for an investigation, you’re kind of granting authority to whatever it turns up.  If they had found those “sting” videos were real Brownback would be throwing the results of this investigation in everybody’s face.  But when it turns up the truth he doesn’t like?  Meh, what do they know?

Like in other states, PP has said they intend to fight Brownback in court.

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