Utah Republican to introduce bill that would give straight couples an advantage in adopting kids.

Utah Republican to introduce bill that would give straight couples an advantage in adopting kids. January 28, 2016

A Utah Republican is going to introduce a bill that would give straight couples the edge in adopting children:

A Republican representative wants to make clear in Utah law that the state favors couples in traditional marriages when it comes to placing children for adoption and foster care.

The effort by Rep. Kraig Powell, R-Heber City, comes in response to rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court that effectively wiped out a prohibition in Utah against placing children for adoption or foster children with gay parents.

“Between an opposite-sex couple and a same-sex couple, all other things being equal, the judge would grant preference to rewarding custody” to a heterosexual couple, Powell explained.

The reason, he argues, is that it is better for children to have a male and female role model in the family, exposing the child to more diverse gender roles.

Because if there’s one thing Republicans love, it’s diversity.

This is a bit weird coming from Powell.  Yeah, he’s a Republican, but after Obergefell he introduced a bill to officially remove the gay marriage ban from Utah’s Constitution.  He also pushed for legislation to change “husband” and “wife” on marriage certificates to “spouse.”

He’s not my favorite, but he’s not the worst, and this is kind of out of character for him.

Powell’s bill — titled Parentage Amendments — will be released in a few days and, if it passes, would put back into law a preference for adoptions by couples with a male and female parent when the child is in the custody of the state and there is not a family member or anyone with an existing relationship who wishes to adopt the child.

Since the court’s ruling last year, the state has been granting adoptions and foster placements to same-sex couples on the same terms as mixed-gender couples.

That’s straight up discrimination.  All other things being equal you’re fucked because of who you find attractive.  We should be over this shit by now.


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