Where I prove that Evolution is true, badly

Where I prove that Evolution is true, badly January 29, 2016

Now, I previously stated I wasn’t really going to defend evolution anymore, until the person I’m talking to has a foundational grasp of a functional epistemology. I’m still not doing that, here. I heard a suggestion that if theists find logical fallacy-laden arguments convincing, that we should adopt that approach.

I’ll take a crack at it.

Evolution is a real phenomenon.
Never in my life have I observed Creationism. It’s always been nature, nature, nature. Creationism is probably made up by people, so it’s safe to say that it’s fake. It seems fairly incontrovertible to me that Creationism has been thoroughly disproved, because every time it comes up, out come Arguments from Ignorance.

Creationism is accomplished by a god, or it manifests in our reality. Since they keep saying their god did it, it couldn’t have manifested in reality, and therefore can’t be “true” in any useful sense. Besides, if Evolution were true, we’d have vestigial organs and structures. We do.

No versions of Creationism are science, and no sciences are faith-based, therefore, all versions of Creationism are faith-based. Creationism is ridiculous. It’s so obvious, I shouldn’t have to explain it.

Think of it, how could a god think or speak anything into existence? Since we don’t know of any other way for anything to exist, there must be a naturalistic explanation. The idea that some invisible guy just “spoke” everything into existence is too incredible to be true. I can’t believe existence just happened to have a lone eternal being that could do stuff out of nothing.

Look, we’ve discussed this to death. That shouldn’t be the case.

Creationism is false, because we would have expected to get some kind of actual scientific evidence by now, but we haven’t. You’re saying that Creationism is true… I’m saying it’s false. That means the actual truth is somewhere in between, such as that some thing created all life ex nihilo, but it wasn’t intelligent, or have any purpose/intention.

Everyone who asserts that Creationism is true, are typically Christian or Muslim. Enough said. They’re just interested in maintaining their security blankets.

Since life is so complex, it had to have been a natural process to spawn and diversify. In addition, they have never proven that Evolution is false.

Creationism states that animals were created in full form, however, upon examination, we don’t find anything to fill out on any creatures, anywhere. We’ve yet to find a single checkbox. We can’t demonstrate that God created the universe, so we can’t demonstrate Creationism. Not to mention, Creationism says everything was created. God is part of everything, so what did he do? Create himself?

I even ran this by the United Rockhounds Guild of America, and they agree – it’s bunk.

Ken Ham, one of Young Earth Creationism’s leading advocates says:

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by the mechanism of natural selection, together with the monumental amount of scientific evidence he compiled to support it, provides humanity with a logical and intellectually compelling explanation for the diversity of life on Earth.

Either Creationism is true, or Evolution is… and the facts are clearly against Creationism. I think we all have a right to know. Creationists, have you stopped lying about Creationism? There’s a lot of disagreement among those who accept Creationism, such as how long it took, or which order of events, which indicates that Creationism is wrong.

Evolution is just a better model.

There is no evidence for creationism. Of the evidence that exists, they’re full of logical fallacies.

If God created everything, it is artificial and unnatural, and therefore bad. Since God is necessarily good, he can’t do bad things, so Creationism cannot be true.

The Creationism model is hardly perfect, in terms of describing reality. We can do better. The real question here is why so many proponents of Creationism have fake degrees, or degrees in non-relevant fields. It seems to me fairly obvious that they’re merely defending a world view that they’re too emotionally invested in.

The moment they started promoting this so-called “Creationism” it was bound to be disproved.

Creationists insist that everything that started to exist, had a cause. The Universe is clearly an exception to that rule.

Creationist “scientists” who claim to have found evidence for a global flood aren’t genuine scientists, otherwise, they would have agreed with the consensus. They’re constantly creating provable hoaxes, as evidenced by this handy list. That’s all these people do.

It doesn’t even make sense that God would have sneezed everything into existence. Why does he have a nose? Or lungs? Did air exist eternally too?

Look, even Hitler promoted Creationism.


That’s why the Theory of Evolution is true.

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