Why I HATED My Last Job.

Why I HATED My Last Job. January 30, 2016

I worked at an arcade in Memphis for two years. Throughout the entire time I was there, managers enforced the rule stating that nobody can have piercings or tattoos, but didn’t enforce more important rules that make sure workers are doing their job and make sure that the building is actually being cleaned properly. The management was perfectly fine with letting their place of business get dirtier and dirtier by overseeing their workers barely clean and then they would have them go home anyway so they would cut down on payroll and increase the bonuses for all of the managers who were paid salary. Most of the managers and the corporate workers care more about making sure they get paid as much as possible, not improving their company. I fully expect this place to put itself out of business eventually. Working there wasn’t healthy for me because I am introverted and I have anxiety. The noise and massive amounts of people would drain my energy and I was constantly on edge, which led me to getting angry, sad, and irritable much easier. I dealt with so many angry customers who treated me like I was the scum of the earth for simply standing by the rules of the business and I was already so weak that they would make me cry- I don’t even remember how many times it happened, but I shouldn’t have stayed in that environment as long as I did. -Gabrielle Owwell

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