Trump still hinting at running third party if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination.

Trump still hinting at running third party if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination. February 29, 2016

So Republicans worried about actually winning the election, not just about having the type of blowhard they like as their nominee, have been trying to come up with any conceivable way to stop Donald Trump.  This has understandably created some animosity between Donald Trump and the party whose nomination he is seeking.  Awkward.

So it’s no surprise that Trump is continuing to hint that he will run third party if he doesn’t get the nomination and that the agreement he signed last year to not run third party is no longer valid.  On yesterday The Today Show (how’s that for a weird sentence) Trump said:

Well, if they violate the pledge, which they’ve possibly already done, as you understand — if they violate the pledge, I will do something that will make them very unhappy. I have millions of followers.

This should actually worry the Republican Party (and it does, otherwise they wouldn’t have had him sign that agreement).  The social rubric in America, with less religion over the last eight years and same-sex marriage becoming the prominent stance, has moved steadily towards the left.  While this isn’t a problem if you’re wanting to get elected to a state office in Mississippi, it’s a huge problem if you want to win a national election.

Compound that with a guy who’s splitting your party’s vote and you’re about as dead as a Trump Steak.

Which makes it absolutely hilarious that Rick Wilson’s response to Trump’s quote was…

For once I agree with Rick Wilson.  Please, Mr. Trump…

Although Trump probably won’t have to run third party.  It’s looking more and more like Trump will be the Republican nominee, which excites me for a number of reasons, not the least of which are:

  1.  I don’t think he’s electable
  2. We have no idea where he stands on anything — I know where Cruz and Rubio stand and Trump could hardly be worse

All in all, I think this shows the Republican Party will never die.  Their nominees and their campaigns right now, along with how the RNC is handling all this, is the greatest shit show to hit TV since 219087091284709870987 Kids And Counting.  Ordinarily when you say or do stupid/terrible things there is some kind of penalty.  But we’ve seen that GOP nominees can spend every day saying the most clown fiesta things imaginable and their base won’t bat an eyelash.

There’s simply about 40% of our population that does not want a statesman — they want the playground bully they always wished they could be.  In fact, they don’t even want a person who is worldly and educated.  For this demographic a person who talks big and trash-talks being too educated (sorry, elitist) is an even bigger draw.  The problem isn’t the Republican Party.  The problem is humanity.

At least Trump running third party will save the rest of us from that 40%.

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