Sarah Palin filming pilot episode for reality TV courtroom show similar to Judge Judy.

Sarah Palin filming pilot episode for reality TV courtroom show similar to Judge Judy. March 22, 2016

Sarah Palin could be getting a courtroom reality TV show akin to Judge Judy:

Move over, Judge Judy. There’s a new TV courtroom judge coming to town – and it’s none other than former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

The onetime vice presidential candidate has been tapped to preside over a new reality court show that would premiere next year. She signed a deal in February with Montana-based production company Warm Springs, a source close to the process tells PEOPLE.

“It’s a production deal,” the source explains. “What happens next is she’ll meet with stations, make a pilot and sell it.”

Warm Springs first approached Palin with the idea in 2015 and has since put together a team that includes the TV executive who found Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown.

And to think all these atheists I hang around with said my prayers would never be answered.

So why would a TV studio want somebody presiding over a reality tv courtroom who doesn’t have a law degree or any experience as a judge?  Well…

Unlike the two famous TV judges, Palin does not have a juris doctor degree. But the source notes that the bestselling author has a variety of other qualities that make her perfectly suited to the job.

“Palin’s telegenic personality, wide appeal and common sense wisdom make her a natural for this kind of format and she was Warm Springs’ top pick for this project.”

Telegenic personality?  Pfft!  Wide appeal?  Bwahahahahahaha!  Common sense…I can’t.  I just…

If the show gets picked up it could reach syndicated daytime broadcasts nationwide by fall of 2017.  Please, pretty please, god…I’ve never asked you for much, and I know I’ve convinced a lot of people you don’t exist, but we could become totally square if you just make this happen.

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