School board member tries to rename “Winter Break” to “Christmas Break,” tells atheists to go back to their hellholes.

School board member tries to rename “Winter Break” to “Christmas Break,” tells atheists to go back to their hellholes. March 22, 2016

A member of the Willard (Willard was a town next to my college, I blame my brain) Millard school board in Omaha, Paul Meyer, dedicated some of their last meeting to trying to rename “Winter Break” to “Christmas Break.”  Something about religious persecution if his personal religion isn’t held aloft by a government tasked with equally representing everybody:

Meyer’s proposal garnered sympathy but no support from fellow board members.

He made his proposal during a discussion prior to adoption of the 2017-18 school calendar for Millard Public Schools.

He expressed disappointment that the administration had not labeled the break on the calendar — Dec. 25, 2017, through Jan. 5, 2018 — as Christmas break.

Meyer said he was getting “a little bit tired of a minute minority in this country that keeps pushing Christmas out, keep pushing God out, keep pushing Christ out, when the majority is still a Judeo-Christian country.”

“I would like to make a motion that we rename this period Christmas break, and those atheists who don’t like it can crawl back into their hellhole, because I, for one, will not put my Lord, my God, aside for a few atheists,” Meyer said. “And if they don’t like it, the ACLU doesn’t like it, the heck with them.”

Ok, just a few things on that…

  1. Government bodies are prohibited from endorsing religion, and your impotent tirade made it clear that your motivation for this motion was religious in nature.  That brings me to my second point…
  2. If it was just the ACLU who didn’t like it, you wouldn’t have much of a problem.  The problem is that decades of judicial precedent is against you as well, and it’s on that ground that the ACLU could easily swoop in and…
  3. Make you stop, but also let you siphon a bunch of your district’s money to them when you could’ve just been informed and done the right thing for free.  You may say “to heck with them,” but you’ll find that’s an incredibly poor legal argument.  It’s easy to talk big when it’s not your money on the line.
  4. Nobody’s asking you to put your god aside.  On Winter Break you can celebrate Christmas, praise Jesus, and read the bible until pass out from sleep deprivation.  What they are saying is that you can’t endorse only the religious traditions you celebrate using your official government position.

Fortunately Meyer’s motion did not pass, courtesy of the other board members having some humility and good sense:

None of the board members present — Mike Kennedy, Mike Pate and Pat Ricketts — seconded the motion.

Without a second, the motion failed. The board subsequently adopted the calendar on a 3-1 vote without specifying a name for the break. Meyer voted no.

Get wrecked, son.

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