Colorado Planned Parenthood killer happy with his attack, expects to meet fetuses in heaven.

Colorado Planned Parenthood killer happy with his attack, expects to meet fetuses in heaven. April 12, 2016

Robert Dear Jr., the man who took the whole “abortion is murdering babies” logic as seriously as politicians present it, has said he’s happy with his killing spree at a Colorado Planned Parenthood.  He says he expects to be greeted in heaven by fetuses:

The man who admits to killing three people at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthoodclinic last fall told police he dreamed he’ll be met in Heaven by aborted fetuses wanting to thank him for saving unborn babies, according to newly released court documents.

Robert Dear Jr. told police he attacked the clinic because he was “upset with them performing abortions and the selling of baby parts,” and admitted to fatally shooting an arriving police officer through a tinted window because he knew the officer couldn’t see him, according to an arrest warrant.

“As Robert Louis Dear Jr. was being placed into a patrol car, he began yelling out statement about the killing of babies and no more baby parts,” Colorado Springs police Det. Jerry Schiffelbein wrote in a warrant. He also said “he was happy with what he had done because his actions … ensured that no more abortions would be conducted at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs.”

If they’re in heaven greeting you, and heaven is as good as it gets, what’s the gripe?  Seems Planned Parenthood spared them an average 82 year waiting period down here.

The newly unsealed arrest and search warrants also reveal:

One victim said she was approached outside the clinic by Dear, who told her she shouldn’t have gone to the clinic that day and then shot her multiple times. She survived with wounds to her arm.

Strange how god can never be bothered to kill anybody himself.

Dear admitted to gluing the locks of an abortion clinic in South Carolina, where he used to live, and that he believed he’d saved lives that day by preventing any abortions from being carried out while the locks were repaired.

Yes, I’m sure people totally said “Damn, the clinic is closed today.  I could come back tomorrow or just shit away about $250,000 and eighteen years of my life on a baby I don’t want.  Guess I’ll just have the kid.”  What a hero.

Dear told police he believes President Obama is the “Antichrist.”

Yeah, Obama’s evil — take it from the guy who just shot a dozen innocent people.  Moral judgment from a murderer, seems obscene, but Christianity’s history is full of it.

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