EA forces Trump to take down political video using footage from the Mass Effect games.

EA forces Trump to take down political video using footage from the Mass Effect games. April 18, 2016

Donald Trump recently tweeted out a video called “The Trump Effect” which used footage from Electronic Arts’ popular franchise Mass Effect:

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump tweets quite frequently, but his messages don’t usually relate to video games. Today, one of his did–and it didn’t go over well. He posted a fan-made video on Twitter that featured voiceover from 2010’s Mass Effect 2‘s Illusive Man (performed by Martin Sheen), specifically the part where he says, “We’re at war” and other dramatic things that make sense in the context of the game.

The video props up Trump using the voice of the Illusive Man.  This is him:

This guy looks trustworthy, let's give him the nuclear codes.
This guy looks trustworthy, let’s give him the nuclear codes.

Manveer Heir, one of the games designers, took to twitter to denounce the use of EA’s property in this way, and to note the irony of Trump passing himself off as somebody who is unarguably a Hitleresque villain:

EA is very clear that using their content for political gain is a violation of the terms of use:

Publisher Electronic Arts took action against this video, removing it from YouTube and later from Twitter on copyright claims. It’s company policy that its assets are not used for political gain.

“The video was an unauthorized use of our IP,” a senior communications representative for EA told GameSpot today. “We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns.”

It’s nice to see the bad guys lose in real life from time to time.  😛

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