Nintendo; are they relevant anymore?

Nintendo; are they relevant anymore? April 21, 2016

No, I’m not dead. Real life and all that caught up to me. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to semi-regular updates. I was sticking to gaming stuff but my world of geekdom is so vast, I think we can have some great conversations across many mediums. Look out for some movies, comics and tv topics from me.

What caught my eye yesterday, was the new Star Fox game and how horrible the reviews coming in for it are. For those that don’t know, this game has been described as the last gasp for the Wii U. Nintendo has announced its next console; NX. I don’t know if that’s the final name but that’s what it’s going by right now. The NX will be more powerful, have a stronger game lineup and be less “gimmicky” (I’m assuming they mean the crazy large Wii U controller). I never got into the Wii U. No matter how I tried, I just got bored with it quickly and no exclusives for it caught my interest. The closest I came to picking up a game on launch day for it would be Splatoon.

I am, in no way, an authority on what is and isn’t relevant in the gaming world. Well, any world really. But seeing many reviewers bash on Star Fox and hinting that this was Nintendo’s last chance to make the Wii U important, I started to wonder; is Nintendo even relevant anymore?

Nintendo is a huge part of most gamer’s childhoods. I remember when they ruled the roost. They still hold the strongest numbers in the mobile department but that area is growing smaller. More people are gaming on their phones and Nintendo has been historically against putting its own content on any other system. Lately they’ve changed course on that and I believe some of their properties will be available on mobile phones soon.

Is it all too little too late? Even looking at the limited info that’s leaked for the NX, it seems to be yet another Wii U type launch. Other systems are vastly more powerful and then add how MS and Sony are responding to VR with even more powerful consoles, I don’t see how Nintendo will keep up.

Am I missing something? Is there some reason why it would behoove Nintendo to start, again, with a system that doesn’t have specs to compare to its competitors? Should they go the way of Sega and focus solely on software and ditch their hardware market? Can the 3DS line hold them up on it’s own shoulders?

What do you guys think?

Star Fox
Here’s a pic of Star Fox saying something. I have no idea what this means.
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