The reports of my Facebook account’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

The reports of my Facebook account’s death have been greatly exaggerated. April 16, 2016

Ok, Facebook got its shit together relatively fast.

So, a large number of people, let’s assume they were religious and defending their superior morals, flagged The Thinking Atheist Page, Sarah Morehead’s page, and my page for, get this, bullying.  No joke.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: isn’t deluging Facebook with a boatload of gratuitous lies for the purpose of punishing someone (who was just sitting on their own page, minding their own business) for the crime of saying “god doesn’t exist” actually bullying, and isn’t that ironic as fuck?  Yes on all counts.

But I guess they had no choice since FSM-knows Jesus wasn’t going to do it himself, omnipotence be damned!  Nothing says, “We know our god exists” like doing work for him he could easily be doing himself.

Plus, what did they expect us to say?  “Oh shit, we’ve been inconvenienced for a day and a half.  I guess we’ll stop saying all those mean things about god.”  The only real unfortunate thing here is that the odds are excruciatingly low that any one of the people who took part in this massive lie will feel the tiniest shred of guilt — not with Jesus giving them the automatic thumbs up.  Far from making these people better, their religion has made them feel great about playing unfairly — they are, instead, proud to be cheating shitbags.  There’s that religion making the world a better place again.

Anyway, all of us are back.  We were inconvenienced for almost 40 hours and all it took was a heaping load of dishonesty in full sight of your god and religion which you probably claim is required to be good people.  Get shit on, hypocrites!


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