Mayor of Jackson, MS who said prayer would fix potholes releases PSA showing workers doing it.

Mayor of Jackson, MS who said prayer would fix potholes releases PSA showing workers doing it. May 9, 2016

Last year Tony Yarber, the mayor of Jackson, MS, was under pressure to fix the city’s, to put it nicely, shitty roads.  To much criticism, this is what Yarber posted to twitter at the time:

Asked if this is how things are taken care of in Jackson, MS, Yarber responded:

While perusing the old tweet thread, I also came across this one which made me smile:

Anyway, so here we are nearly a year later and Yarber just put out this PSA:

I guess prayer didn’t work after all.

“I know many of you are asking and wondering when in the world are things going to be happening with these streets.”

Yeah, when people pray as a solution rather than fixing shit themselves they often wind up asking similar questions.

“We have 17 streets we’ve already outlined, 10 streets we’re going to be using some federal funds…”

Man, I would make fun of Yarber for using government assistance since Republicans can’t stand that shit, but he’s actually a Democrat.  Hooray for not making assumptions!  Still, I don’t think Republicans in Jackson will mind so long as the potholes get fixed.  I just hope they go on to wonder what else could be fixed with government assistance.

“So behind us you see a pothole-patching machine, you see men who are out as a part of the crew, who started beefing up to go ward by ward by ward to see that many of these issues are being dealt with.”

Funny how we don’t see god in that shot.

The approach of the apologist will always be the same: “You don’t just pray!  God doesn’t answer prayers that way!  You have to pray and you put in the work!”  Yeah, it’s amazing how “god” answers your prayers when you put in the effort to answer them yourself.  Must be a miracle.

Of course, it should be obvious that fixing problems yourself works whether you pray or not, however praying never works unless you’re also putting in the effort.  It’s like a person who swears up and down that whistling makes you clean, but only if you do it in the shower.

Leave prayer to the churches, Mayor.  Your job is to fix shit, and your job wouldn’t exist if god was willing to do it.  If god were fixing shit it would already be done, and clearly it ain’t.

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