Off to voice lessons.

Off to voice lessons. May 25, 2016

Good morning, all.

Sorry about yesterday, I had to go to the doctor (follow up from me having the plague last month — I’m in good health and the shot they gave me didn’t even hurt). And then there were showings in the house until literally 8:15 pm, so I was stuck out of the house.  🙁

And over the summer all my voice students are on the same day.  That means I leave at 9 am and return at 11 pm.  Long day, but worth it.  🙂

A few of my students will be performing at KC Oasis this Sunday (along with myself).  I’ll post more details tomorrow.  Here’s one of the songs I’ll be singing (might be my only one, we’ll see):

I’m excited.  All my life people have wanted me to do tenor material, except in my opera career where everybody knew I was really a baritone.  It’ll be fun to go back to singing stuff written for my voice type at least for a day.  🙂

Will see you crazy kids tomorrow!

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