Rabbis behind Jewish private school under investigation for not teaching secular subjects.

Rabbis behind Jewish private school under investigation for not teaching secular subjects. May 10, 2016

A group of Hasidic rabbis who formed a private school are upset over laws being enforced that say the school must actually teach secular subjects and, y’know, educate its students:

Pray for us!

That’s the message a leading Hasidic rabbi gave to his thousands of followers in response to the city Education Department’s investigation into its schools failing to teach secular subjects as required by law.

Wait, secular subjects like…what?  English?  Math?  History?  Why wouldn’t you want to teach your children those things?  Who argues for the privilege of keeping their own children ignorant?

For private schools the rules are very much relaxed, but there are still rules.  You don’t get to register as an alternative to public school if you’re not adequately teaching the kids in attendance.

“These are bad times for us Jews,” said Satmar leader Aaron Teitelbaum during a May 4 speech. “We need to pray to God that (city officials) should not interfere with the upbringing of our children.”

Hold on.  I don’t think the government has any interest in barging into your house and monitoring what falsehoods you’re cramming into your children’s heads.  However, if you form a school, then you’re subject to particular laws about what you must do as a school.

“Worthless … snitches” in the community are urging the Education Department to take action “which the government doesn’t even want,” the rabbi said at a large synagogue in upstate Kiryas Joel.

So…you’re not contesting that you’re breaking the law, you’re just pissed the authorities found out?  I wonder if this guy teaches the morality class.

The Education Department last summer announced that it is investigating more than a dozen private schools to ensure their curriculum follows secular education standards.

So they’re not just picking on this one school?  Imagine that.

The Hasidic leader also says the city has long ignored the state law regarding secular education.

He seems to think this is reason that both parties should be able to continue breaking the law, not that both should be in trouble.

Ugh, the pretension of so many religious people.

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