Roy Moore suspended from the bench, could be removed from office after hearing.

Roy Moore suspended from the bench, could be removed from office after hearing. May 9, 2016

So…Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has been suspended from the bench for telling Alabama probate judges to defy the SCOTUS:

An Alabama judicial oversight body on Friday filed a formal complaint against Roy S. Moore, the chief justice of the state’s Supreme Court, charging that he had “flagrantly disregarded and abused his authority” in ordering the state’s probate judges to refuse applications for marriage licenses by same-sex couples.

As a result of the charges, Chief Justice Moore, 69, has been immediately suspended from the bench and is facing a potential hearing before the state’s Court of the Judiciary, a panel of judges, lawyers and other appointees. Among possible outcomes at such a hearing would be his removal from office.

It’s kind of a win-win for Moore.  If he gets to stay on the bench he gets to say that even though most probate judges in Alabama are ignoring him and issuing same-sex marriage licenses, he’s achieved victory over them gosh darn homosexuals.  If he gets booted (which he probably will), then he gets to use it as a springboard to run for governor.

Because in Alabama, seditious sentiments toward America and the Constitution are the real form of patriotism…somehow.  Oh, and they hate, hate, HATE activist judges.

“We intend to fight this agenda vigorously and expect to prevail,” Chief Justice Moore said in a statement, saying that the Judicial Inquiry Commission, which filed the complaint, had no authority over the charges at issue.

This is coming from a guy who thinks the Supreme Court doesn’t have authority over federal (and therefore state) law.  This is coming from a guy who thinks he has more authority over the probate judges in Alabama than the Supreme Court.

Roy Moore is historically not a very good judge of where authority lies and, just like with the Supreme Court, he’s going to find himself sorely mistaken over who has the authority in these hearings.

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