BREAKING: Supreme Court rules against Wisconsin’s abortion restriction law, just like with Texas.

BREAKING: Supreme Court rules against Wisconsin’s abortion restriction law, just like with Texas. June 28, 2016

Back in 2013, Wisconsin passed a law like that in Texas requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges:

Walker signed Wisconsin’s law on July 5, 2013, and required providers to have privileges in place three days later. Privileges were to be at hospitals within 30 miles of clinics.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and Affiliated Medical Services sued the state after the law was enacted, arguing that the requirement would force the shutdown of the AMS clinic in Milwaukee because its doctors could not get admitting privileges.

That amounted to restricting access to abortions in Wisconsin, they argued.

This was a ridiculous requirement meant not to augment safety, but rather to get abortion clinics to shut down in an attempt to deny people access to a perfectly legal procedure.  Well, the law looked a lot like Texas’ law and it just produced the same result.  Wisconsin just got the Texas treatment from the Supreme Court:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal from Wisconsin of a federal appeals court ruling that struck down the state’s law placing restrictions on abortion providers.

The justices’ decision to refuse to hear appeals from Wisconsin and Mississippi comes a day after the nation’s highest court struck down a Texas law with similar restrictions, requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges.

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel in a statement said the decision was “not surprising” given the court’s Monday ruling on the Texas law. Schimel said the earlier ruling from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals striking down Wisconsin’s restrictions stands.

Hell no it’s not surprising, and it shouldn’t have been surprising back in 2013 when they passed the law.  As I wrote yesterday, the entire premise of this law — protecting women’s health — was a lie (the bill actually accomplished the opposite).  Pro-choice people new that.  Anti-abortion people knew that.  And even the justices probably knew that.  The premise for this bill was a lie because the truth would’ve resulted in certain defeat and, rather than lose honestly, swaths of people who swear up and down you can’t be moral without Jesus threw their full support behind the tactic of trying to win with lies.

Thankfully, they still lost.  Ordinarily this would result in all the usual sadness of losing along with the additional cost of realizing you sold out your honesty and came out of it not only losers, but shittier people.  But despite all their Jesus-infused morality, I doubt one of them will lament their shady tactics or having traded in their virtue for no return.  They will only care that they lost, not that they fought dirty — and just as much, they’ll bemoan that those immoral heathens on the other side (honest, though they are) won.  Women get better healthcare?  If that’s the price of Jesus losing, the lot of them would throw 50% of the population under the bus tomorrow.

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