The rest of what happened today: prayers, abortion, and bible games.

The rest of what happened today: prayers, abortion, and bible games. July 18, 2016

I’m watching the RNC be up in arms about the anti-Trump delegates calling for a roll call vote.  In a moment I’ll have to start getting ready for dinner tonight.  The wife is dining tonight with her med school house (kinda like Hogwarts, to my understanding) and I’m her plus one.

So here’s what else happened today:

In Pennsacola, FL on Thursday a member of the Satanic Temple gave the opening prayer for the city council.  A bunch of people who claim to be all about religious freedom proceeded to lose their collective shit.

Last week the GOP in the House passed a bill that would make it even harder for women to get abortions.  The bill is doomed to failure, but the party of accountability did it anyway.

In Arkansas now, therapists can decline to treat LGBT clients if they don’t like them for religious reasons.  For a party that’s always talking about hard work and responsibility, they seem awfully eager to pass a shitload of bills that let people not do their jobs and keep them.

Wisdom Tree, the company that made a bunch of crappy (to be generous) unlicensed Nintendo games back in the day is running a kickstarter to bring them back (in an effort that is all-but-certain to get them sued).  If you’re unfamiliar with these games, let the Angry Video Game Nerd take you back to the past:

Good times.

Theresa “Omarosa” Manigault was the star of Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice as well as a contestant on Survivor.  Welp, Trump just named her as his director of African-American Outreach.  I don’t envy her, since Trump literally has a zero percent approval rating among black voters right now.  On the bright side, there’s nowhere to go but up.

FOX News appears to be on the verge of firing Roger Ailes.  Whoa.

Ken Ham is lying about attendance at the Ark Encounter theme park.  For a guy who claims to take the bible literally true at its every word, he’s managed to miss the parts that pretty explicitly say “don’t lie.”

Trump’s ghostwriter for The Art Of The Deal has some very unflattering things to say about the Donald.

There’s uproar in Mississippi.  A federal court struck down their discrimination against gay people religious freedom bill.  The state’s AG, probably thinking that his time is valuable, has said he won’t appeal.  Gov. Phil Bryant has already filed a notice to appeal though.

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