Also not joking, Michele Bachmann is advising Donald Trump on foreign affairs.

Also not joking, Michele Bachmann is advising Donald Trump on foreign affairs. August 22, 2016

In Trump’s quest to, in his words, “hire the best people,” he’s apparently added wingnut Michele Bachmann as an adviser on foreign affairs.  The Hill reports:

Tea Party firebrand Michele Bachmann says she is advising Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on foreign policy.

The former Minnesota congresswoman attended a fundraiser in the state for Trump on Saturday, where she revealed to the press that she has his ear on foreign policy.
“He also recognizes there is a threat around the world, not just here in Minnesota, of radical Islam,” she said, according to MPR News. “I wish our President Obama also understood the threat of radical Islam and took it seriously.”

“He’s a common-sense guy, not into political correctness,” Bachmann added, according to the Star Tribune.

Bachmann is already part of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, providing “support” to Trump on “issues important to Evangelicals and other people of faith in America.”

While I agree with Michele Bachmann that radical Islam is a threat and a problem, you’d have to be out of your mind to listen to Bachmann for possible solutions or on how to interact with other countries.   Right Wing Watch compiled a list of reasons why:

As we’ve noted, Bachmann believes the September 11 attacks represented God’s judgment on America; President Obama and gay rights advocates are bringing aboutthe End Times; homosexuality is “personal enslavement” and “part of Satan”; gay people want to change laws “so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually”; and Obamacare death panels will literally kill people any day now.

Her foreign policy ideas are driven by her belief that the Last Days have arrived.

While Trump frequently rails against “globalism,” the former Minnesota congresswoman goes one step further in warning that a one-world government is emerging that will usher in the reign of the Antichrist , wondering if Obama fits the description.

She’ll fit right in with Mr. Obama-Is-The-Founder-Of-ISIS.

So far the “best people” include a 12-year-old boy and one of the looniest people to ever serve in Congress.

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