CA Mayor who gave god the key to the city arrested for spying on naked teen boys.

CA Mayor who gave god the key to the city arrested for spying on naked teen boys. August 5, 2016

Oh man, if only hypocrisy cured strep throat, I’d be a regular spring chicken right now.

Ok, Anthony Silva is the hardcore anti-gay Republican mayor of Stockton, CA.  Last year Stockton gave the key to the city to god.  Welp, it turns out Silva may just have a thing for men.  Sorry, I said men, I meant young boys:

Reading some articles this morning, it seems Silva found just the right attorney:

“We’re hearing that there was multiple adults present, that there was only one minor present,” Silva’s attorney Allen Sawyer said Thursday evening.

Only one minor present at the strip poker game he was recording?  Oh, well pfft!  Could’ve happened to anybody.

Silva says his refusal to cooperate with police was just him protecting the American people:

“They’re not gonna find any espionage or anything like that on my computers or my cell phone, but by me giving into that sort of search, when I knew the search was illegal — and it’ll be proven that they have to give the stuff back anyways — I wasn’t protecting the rest of the American people,” Silva said.

What a hero!  And if you listen to another of his attorneys, this is just the federal government and all sorts of other people out to get Mayor Silva:

“They have had all of this evidence for over a year. Unlimited resources have been spent on this in an effort to find something they can investigate. The timing is extremely suspicious as people will only hear 1/2 of the story before the election. He will clear his name.”

It’s a conspiracy for the ages, even the feds are in on it!  Man, GOP voters will eat that shit up.

But you probably thought the story stopped there.  It doesn’t.  It turns out that Mayor Silva owned a gun that was used to kill a 13 year-old boy in 2015.  He says the gun was stolen, but didn’t report it to the police until a month after that crime:

Silva has made headlines Friday after a gun stolen from Silva’s home was linked to several crimes in Stockton, including the killing of 13-year-old Rayshawn Harris in 2015.

Silva did not report the gun was missing until nearly a month after Rayshawn’s death. In the March 2015 report, Silva said that his home had been burglarized and that his .40-caliber Beretta was taken, along with a 100-quart cooler, a generator, a laser printer, a camera and a game console, according to the report.

It makes me want to run an experiment: Anthony Silva vs. Hillary Clinton for President.  I want to see how many Republicans will overlook all of this and would vote for him because their distaste for LGBT people is that powerful.

In short, I want to see what percentage of the population wouldn’t know morality if it were slapping them in the face.

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