Co-Chair of Trump’s national veterans’ coalition: “Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason.”

Co-Chair of Trump’s national veterans’ coalition: “Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason.” August 16, 2016

Let’s be generous, super generous, beyond any sane levels of generous and say that when Trump joked about 2nd Amendment supporters using violence if Clinton gets to appoint SCOTUS Justices that he was actually, as he has said, making a statement about political organizing to get him elected (even though the statement was made in the context of Clinton already being elected and appointing Justices).  Let’s assume Trump just used muddy language.  Ok.

The Co-Chair of his national veterans’ coalition, NH state Rep. Al Baldasaro, is most certainly not joking:

An adviser to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump doubled down Tuesday on comments he made saying that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason.

But New Hampshire state Rep. Al Baldasaro, a Republican who co-chairs Trump’s national veterans’ coalition, stressed that he was not saying someone should assassinate Clinton.

“The liberal media took what I said and went against the law and the Constitution and ran with it, and they said that I wanted her assassinated, which I never did,” Baldasaro told The Republican/ “I said I spoke as a veteran, and she should be shot in a firing squad for treason.”

A reporter for The Republican/ asked Baldasaro on Tuesday, after an unrelated event in Cambridge, whether he still stands by his remarks.

Baldasaro said his comments were in accordance with U.S. law establishing the death penalty for treason. He suggested that Clinton’s use of a private email server could be considered treasonous.

OooooOOOOooooOOooooh.  So she shouldn’t be assassinated, she should just be shot?  Thanks for clearing that up.  Boy, what a gaffe that almost was, right?  For a second I thought it sounded like the Trump campaign was saturated with lunatics.


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