Ethics charges against Roy Moore were not dismissed. He will stand trial, face removal from the bench.

Ethics charges against Roy Moore were not dismissed. He will stand trial, face removal from the bench. August 9, 2016

I’ve read articles all week about the pro-Roy Moore protesters outside the courthouse in Montgomery.  I can see them in my head, tiny bunches of general, but especially legal, ignorance packed into the finest stars and stripes frippery the local Wal-Mart had on sale.  There they are, hoping the legal experts in that hall will likewise confuse impotent anger at not getting their way with a passion for justice (a justice they wish to subvert because the recipient hates gay people just as much as they do).

Unfortunately for them, and to no small amount of pleasure from me, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary has decided not to dismiss ethics charges against Roy Moore after he defied the Supreme Court after the Obergefell ruling.  Moore will be going to trial:

Suspended Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore will go on trial next month on judicial ethics charges after the Alabama Court of the Judiciary late Monday issued an order that denied Moore’s request to dismiss the charges.

The court, in a brief one-page order, also denied a motion by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission that sought an order removing Moore from the bench without a trial.

Good on them on both counts.

Before and after the hearing Moore supporters many carrying signs including “Judge Moore was Right”  and gay rights groups that held signs such as “#NoMoore” exchanged words outside the Helflin-Torbert Judicial Building where the hearing was held in Montgomery.

I wonder on what basis the people with the “Judge Moore was Right” signs base that assertion.  Do you think any of them have attended a day of law school?  Do you think the majority holding those signs have even taken to the internet to familiarize themselves with the basics of such hearings?

Or are they just pissed off about gay people not getting shit on so hard and are convinced, through their own childish arrogance, that whatever they want must be supported by law?  I mean, god supports their every prejudice, so shouldn’t the state?

And here I thought Jesus was supposed to make people more humble.  As it appears, religion seems to be handing out hubris and pride for free, even to the people who haven’t proven themselves worthy of it.

Oh son, you done fucked up. You tried to hide me away from some of your citizens. Now it’s my turn. (Photo credit to Jason Rosenberg, image used without alteration under Creative Commons).

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