NOM President Brian Brown calls response to latest fundraiser “pathetic.”

NOM President Brian Brown calls response to latest fundraiser “pathetic.” August 12, 2016

Brian Brown, head of the National Organization for Marriage, loves to send out all sorts of doom-laced fundraising letters.  Oh man, he’s all about it.  But lately they’re just not working out for him and now he’s upset with NOM’s supporters for not ponying up the dough.  The chastising letter from Brown complains:

NOM began our critical Summer Membership Drive on July 22nd. We’re now three weeks into our drive — the halfway point — and we have only received 256 contributions from our members. We’re only 17% toward our goal of receiving 1,500 membership contributions of at least $35.

That is pathetic.

Maybe you should just ask god for it.  *snicker*

I mean, NOM was founded to keep gay people from marrying and it has objectively failed in that mission.  Why keep funneling cash to a group that simply doesn’t get the job done?

Brown goes on to complain that with only a 17 percent participation rate, NOM can’t convince courts to uphold anti-gay “religious liberty” laws, fight President Obama’s “dangerous gender ‘identity’ agenda,” or “lobby the next President and the US Senate to only appoint and confirm Supreme Court justices who will reverse the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling redefining marriage.”

News flash, Mr. Brown: even with all the funding you wanted you couldn’t convince the courts to do that.  That bell is rung and you can’t un-ring it (although, Trump could if he gets to pack the SCOTUS).

I really don’t believe — I just can’t imagine the thought — that NOM’s members have quit fighting for the institution of marriage as a union between man and woman. And yet, only 256 of you have responded with an urgently needed membership contribution during this critical period.

Yeah, it’s like you talk a big game about how all these real Americans hate gay people, but when it’s time for the proof to be in the pudding the pudding is awfully runny.

I’m going to be blunt: we need 1,500 people to step up with a membership contribution of at least $35 in order to raise the $52,500 we’re short so far this year. Without that type of response, we’ll have no choice but to lay people off, cut programs and stop pursuing some of our most important work.


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