NOM President Brian Brown: liberal secularists and President Obama are trying normalize pedophilia.

NOM President Brian Brown: liberal secularists and President Obama are trying normalize pedophilia. August 31, 2016

Brian Brown, head of the largely failed National Organization for Marriage, was elected president of the global social conservative network World Congress of Families. He sent out a fundraising letter last Friday that accused “liberal secularists” including the President of trying normalize pedophilia. The letter begins:

All around the world, we see liberal secularists using the power of government to seek to undermine the natural family.

Same-sex relationships, and those parents taking care of children, is occurring naturally. That’s why you’re pursuing laws to stop it, because it’s occurring all on its own.

What’s more, what’s “natural” isn’t always necessarily what’s good. For instance, cancer is natural, but we’re spending shitloads of money trying to stop it. Conversely, cars are not natural, but I don’t see Brian Brown walking everywhere in protest. So if we ditch the talk of what’s natural and instead focus on what’s good, how do you get loving parents taking care of children in a happy, safe, healthy environment out of the “good” column (I mean, without abandoning all reason in favor of what Jesus supposedly told you, but didn’t tell anybody else)?

Urged on by wealthy elites, western powers — especially Barack Obama — demand that nations change their laws and policies in profoundly unwise and dangerous ways to embrace the agenda of the secular left — abortion on demand…

Seems like letting people choose when/if to have a kid is pretty wise.

…an abandonment of marriage…

By allowing more people to have them? Seems like a weird strategy.

…acceptance of polygamy…

I wouldn’t be opposed. That being said, name one time any politician has done this. I’ll wait.

…normalizing pedophilia…

I can’t help but wonder what goes on in the brains of people who are adamantly skeptical of evidence that, say, Jesus didn’t rise from the dead or of global warming, but who hear crazy-ass assertions like this and immediately nod and think, “sounds legit.”

What’s more, if you can believe a guy rose from the dead and doesn’t want you having sex without the proper ceremony first, this isn’t at all crazier than that.


That’s more the psychological experts.

…stripping children of their inherent right to a mother and a father, etc.

WRONG! First, if children had a right to a mother AND a father, you’d be trying to outlaw divorce, which you’re not.

But children don’t have a right to a mother and a father, they have a right to be raised in a supportive environment. They have a right to parental love. That’s why kids are taken out of homes with mixed-gender parents if those parents are failing those obligations. You’re saying it matters what collection of genitals is providing that love, and you’re wrong. The care, the compassion, that’s what matters.

While we’ve accomplished a tremendous amount over the years…

Yeah, your crusade to stop legalized same-sex marriage is going gangbusters, ain’t it?

…the truth is that WCF can’t continue to hold off the forces of darkness, and put them into retreat unless we are able to expand and grow.

The creativity with which religious leaders rephrase “Send me money or else” is truly impressive.

This is a pivotal time in history for the natural family. Good people around the globe are willing to resist the demands of the secular left and the pressures of western powers to change their cultures and policies. But they need the leadership of WCF to continue to be effective and to help sustain the worldwide movement in support of the natural family.

Only if you promise to be as effective at that as you were at stopping same-sex marriage.

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