Texas preacher found guilty of molesting girls in his congregation.

Texas preacher found guilty of molesting girls in his congregation. August 25, 2016

A Texas preacher has been found guilty of sexually molesting many of the girls in his congregation:

Dell Ivan Godkin, 48, was found guilty of sexually abusing one victim beginning when she was 13-years-old, and continuing until she was 17, by telling her God approved of what they were doing.

“He would say lots of things about God being OK with it,” explained prosecutor Monica Cooper, adding that Godkin would cite passages from the Bible to explain the roles of men and women to his victims.

But god would never say such a thing!  Sure, he’d say a rape victim had to marry her rapist, to kill people for working on Sunday, to kill their own child, to beat your slaves (but not beat them too bad), and he also committed genocide by flood, but he’d never tell a preacher to molest a 13-year-old, that’s just terrible!

In the case of the 13-year-old, he promised to stop molesting her by making a “deal” before she turned 17 on the condition she tell no one what had happened.

According to the prosecutor, members of the church were stunned by Godkin’s actions and described him as a good Christian.

“People were shocked when they heard that that’s how he controlled both of his victims (by quoting Scripture),” Cooper said. “He’s the scariest kind of child predator because he’s the kind that is sitting next to you in church, and he seems like the nicest guy.”

Shocking, right?  What if a preacher could use the same method to convince people how to vote or to give them money, all while appearing so nice?  They’d be, like, a super con man!  Good thing that doesn’t happen, right?  Oh, here’s my tithe check…

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