The story of the charity that’s rejecting about $25,000 of atheist money continues.

The story of the charity that’s rejecting about $25,000 of atheist money continues. August 25, 2016

Yesterday the story of the atheist who had his $100 donation rejected by a Baptist-run charity exploded.  A GoFundMe was created to entice the charity to take the money, but they said they’d reject any amount on principle (that principle supposedly being that atheists can’t care about or help children, or that their money can’t be used to do so).

Welp, as of right now it looks like Camp Quest is going to get a donation of about $25,000.  Rock on.

But the story doesn’t end there.  A Christian woman named Tracy Hoos has created another fundraiser to match the atheists.  The irony is that this would be totally unnecessary if they’d just taken the atheist’s money to begin with, but I digress.  Here’s how Hoos describes the events:

I am a Christian, citizen of Muscogee Creek Nation, that supports Murrow Indian Home. Murrow takes in tribal children in the foster system that are not able to be placed with other foster families. They are a faith based organization that has recently came under the scrutiny of many for standing firm in their faith and not accepting monies from the Muskogee Atheist Club [sic] to sponsor their powwow.

Not taking money to facilitate the care of foster children is “standing firm in their faith”?  That seems like a bit of a stretch.  She conflates Christianity being under attack with people donating money to help children.  That doesn’t say much for her faith.

A powwow is a sacred event that in my opinion was selected by this organization not out of their goodwill but to only stir the pot.

How was the atheist stirring the pot?  We’re not told.  I wish somebody would stir my pot with a $100 (or $25,000) donation.  Those gosh-darned atheists and their hijinks — totally acting in their own self-interest by trying to give their money away.  It’s insidious.

I am inspired by Murrow’s faithfulness.

If your religion compels you to find rejecting money that could help foster children inspiring, your religion is probably not good for you.

So we are starting another go fund me page to support their powwow.

Which would be unnecessary if they had let atheists support them as the atheists wished.

If you feel led to support then please do, if not do not. Second if the other group is so inclined to donate, just cut them a check. No strings attached, no need for recognition. But that is not your intention.

Hemant Mehta rebutted this beautifully:

The end of her description is especially infuriating. She acts like the atheists only promised to give the money with strings attached. That’s another lie and it’s irresponsible of Hoos not to have done her homework on this matter.

When Matt gave his $100, he filled out the form provided by the staffer. That form asked him how much he wanted to donate and if he wanted to make the donation on anyone else’s behalf. So he wrote in “Muskogee Atheist Community,” since he knew his members would appreciate it. (Plus, the plan was to reimburse himself $100 from the group’s funds.)

Matt may not have known this, but the Children’s Home intended to print the name of all donors — and everyone on whose behalf a donation was made — in the pow wow program. This conflict is only happening because they didn’t want the word “atheist” appearing on that list.

In other words, Matt didn’t donate with strings attached. He just expected that his group would receive the same recognition as every other one.

I don’t think Hoos is lying, I just think she’s ill-informed and didn’t do her homework.  I also think that she’s part of a Christian culture that has led them to believe they’re always under attack, so much so they see offense in the “wrong” people trying to give them money.  That scenario likely exacerbated her desire to act before thinking or informing herself of what’s actually going on.

Hoos’ fundraiser is currently at $1,320.  As usual, god is not contributing and instead leaving it to people who care about the children to unmake the circumstances god supposedly created — all while his supposedly loving followers keep substantial contributions from atheists out of the picture.  I guess kids being without homes is better than letting atheists help fix the problem.

Religion, making the world a better place, right?


UPDATE: Lawl. Hoos has shut down the fundraiser now after atheists began heavily donating. Darn atheists stirring the post by giving their money away when Christians, and Jesus, wouldn’t similarly stir that pot.

I’m sure she’ll waste no time telling her churchmates what jerks those atheists were.

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