Trump claims church attendance will rise if he’s President.

Trump claims church attendance will rise if he’s President. August 15, 2016

Trump is practically begging for the Evangelicals to save him in this election:

I can smell his cologne from here, or maybe that’s just the pungent aroma of desperation.

In his typically incoherent way, Donald Trump told a meeting of right-wing pastors today that was organized by the American Renewal Project, that church attendance has declined in America “and a lot of it has to do with the fact that you’ve been silenced.”

You’ve confused “not always getting your way” with being silenced.

“You’ve been silenced like a child has been silenced,” he told the crowd, where he made the bogus claim that pastors are barred from addressing political issues. “Your power has been totally taken away.”

Preachers can address political issues.  They can talk about how gay people in caring relationships are a total affront to the god who murdered the global population via drowning, and therefore shouldn’t be given equal rights.  They can tell you that global warming is Satan trying to trick you with science.  Preachers can even talk about what each candidate stands for and still be in the clear.  The list goes on.  What they can’t do is tell you how to vote on an issue or endorse a candidate.

This is the price of not paying taxes.  If you want to be separate from the government you can’t just pick and choose the boons while eschewing the price.  And even that isn’t silence: if preachers want to endorse candidates, they can — they just have to start paying taxes like the rest of us.  This applies to pretty much every organization that doesn’t pay taxes, religious or not.  As usual though, the Christian churches want all the privileges of the every day American along with special privileges on top of it, and if they don’t get it they literally whine about unfair treatment — because that’s what equality has come to feel like after being coddled for so long.

If anything, Christian leaders have been spoiled like a child, not silenced like one.

Trump said that “they took away your voice” and he can restore it by repealing the Johnson Amendment, which he claimed will in turn increase church attendance.

The Johnson Amendment, for those who don’t know, is the legislation that explicitly prohibits churches from endorsing candidates.  So, for one thing, it’s not going to get repealed even if Trump takes the White House.  For another, even if it did get repealed, there is oodles of legal precedent in place regarding the separation of church and state, that separation being why churches don’t pay taxes in the first place.  You’d also have that legal hurdle to cross which would already be tough (though not impossible), but even tougher if/when Hillary Clinton gets to appoint SCOTUS Justices.

He then expressed dismay that people don’t even know what [sic] about the existence of Sunday School: “I mean Christianity, when you think of what’s happening and you look at the numbers, I talk about Sunday School and people don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore, it’s true, they don’t even know what I’m talking about.”

“We’re gonna bring it back because it’s a good thing, it’s a good thing,” he said. “They treat it like it’s a bad thing but it’s a great thing, not a good thing, it’s a great thing.”

It’s not true.  Virtually everybody knows what Sunday school is.

Church attendance is in decline because the number of religious people is on the decline.  Not only that, the fundamentalism of believers is on the decline even among those who still believe.  That means less tithing and less church attendance.  And even that isn’t because of some secret Democrat scheme to unmake churches, it’s because fundamentalists tend to be older and the younger generation, as with every generation, has a more liberal bent even among believers.  So as the older believers die off, you’re left with an upcoming generation that find Christianity’s centuries of, say, shitting all over LGBT people at every opportunity incredibly off-putting.

That’s why church attendance is in decline — for the same reason Trump’s poll numbers are in free fall: because of what has been coming out of both parties’ mouth holes.

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