FEC sends letter to god asking him to prove he exists.

FEC sends letter to god asking him to prove he exists. September 2, 2016

The Federal Election Commission has been put in the awkward spot of having to ask god if he exists:

As part of a Federal Election Commission crackdown on fake presidential candidates (remember Deez Nuts?), officials sent a letter to the Staten Island address where God’s campaign manager apparently lives.

“It has come to the attention of the Federal Election Commission that you may have failed to include the true, correct, or complete committee name, candidate name, custodian of records name, treasurer name,” an FEC analyst wrote in the letter, which was sent Wednesday.

Now God has 30 days to prove He exists, or his campaign for the presidency will be terminated.

It’s very telling that “faith” and “I believe he’s real” and the Cosmological Argument and any number of other bits of special pleading deployed in defense of god’s existence in every day conversation probably won’t do the trick when such proof would matter.

Of course, god could always come down himself and remove all doubt. Of course, that option’s been on the table since humankind graced the planet, and god hasn’t done it. I see no reason to think he’ll start now.

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