Hillary Clinton: “Next President should be a praying person.”

Hillary Clinton: “Next President should be a praying person.” September 9, 2016

I will still happily pull the lever for Clinton, but god dammit this grinds my gears:

Hillary Clinton quoted biblical scripture. She talked about her youth minister who took her from the safe harbor of suburbia to the inner city of Chicago, and she shared the memory of seeing her gruff father bent on his knees in prayer each night.

And, without ever mentioning Donald J. Trump by name, Mrs. Clinton portrayed her rival as a nihilist who doesn’t understand African-Americans or their faith.

The next president, she told the audience at the National Baptist Convention here on Thursday night, should be “a praying person.”


Why? Is the fact that some Americans are going hungry not enough to move god? He needs somebody who will never hurt for money, food, or shelter to pray to him, not from a church or out in the middle of the street, but specifically from the White House, before he’ll come down and lend a hand?

Or will praying from the Oval Office rather than from your living room couch imbue you with some special wisdom? What, is your ordinary competence insufficient? That’s a great message from somebody trying to convince us how suitable they are for the office.

No, the next President should be well-informed, emotionally mature, smart, and have America’s best interest at heart. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter if they pray at their desk or play Jenga, but you don’t need religion to be competent — though it seems religion can often get a person to rely on something other than their own competence, which is something we sure as shit don’t need in the leader of the free world.

I hope to FSM she’s just pandering.

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