Republicans holding Zika funding hostage unless we de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Republicans holding Zika funding hostage unless we de-fund Planned Parenthood. September 8, 2016

So the Zika virus is promulgating within the United States now. You may be asking yourself why Congress hasn’t done anything. The answer is because Republicans won’t help stop it unless we give them political concessions:

Congressional funding for combating the Zika virus is being held hostage to anti-women politics.

The Zika virus can cause dreadful brain damage, including microcephaly, to embryos and fetuses, as well as life-threatening reactions in some adult patients. The virus has spread around the globe, with more than 17,000 cases in the mainland United States and U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico.

President Obama sought $1.9 billion in emergency funding for research and prevention early this year. GOP leadership inserted a provision slashing funding of Planned Parenthood into a $1.1 billion Zika funding bill passed by the Senate in May, prompting Democrats to correctly oppose it. House Republicans later passed a bill to provide $622 million in funds, largely by robbing other federal programs, such as the Affordable Care Act. Yesterday, Democrats were forced once again to block a Zika funding bill because of the same GOP maneuvers.

These are the actions of a group that loves themselves more than America. The government is there to help our citizenry. If you want to fight abortion women’s healthcare, go nuts. But if you’re going to hold our own citizens ransom unless we give you what you want, you’re no longer a friend to the very citizens you purport to support.

Follow the above link to the FFRF’s site where you can find your senators/representatives and get into their ears about this.

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