Scam artist preacher David E. Taylor claims to have raised a woman from the dead…with a text message.

Scam artist preacher David E. Taylor claims to have raised a woman from the dead…with a text message. September 2, 2016

You guys remember David Taylor? He’s the head of Joshua Media Ministries. He’s a megachurch pastor who, in his propaganda, looks like this:

Want to know how Trump could get elected? Because a significant portion of the population thinks this shit is legit.

However, in depositions about the misuse of his ministries funds, Taylor looks like this:

Short story:

  • His $3 million mansion (where he lives) isn’t a home, it’s a residential center for the ministry
  • Ridiculous amounts of money spent on Louis Vitton/Gucci clothing (and similarly high priced stores) because he sweats through his clothes
    • This includes $5,000 belts
  • “The ministry” owns three cars, a Mercedes, a BMW, and a Bentley

There’s more. It’s disgusting.

Anyway, now he’s claimed that he raised a woman from the dead just by sending a text message. The Christian Post reports:

Controversial Pastor David E. Taylor of Joshua Media Ministries International in Florissant, Missouri, claimed last Thursday that he raised a woman from the dead through a message sent to her on Facebook.

“Raised from the Dead! David E. Taylor Commands Her to Live Through Sending a Text Message Through Facebook — Releasing the Supernatural Resurrection Power of God! She Lives!” declared Taylor in an announcement on his Facebook page with a photo of an unidentified elderly woman who appeared to be getting some form of medical treatment.

A message that was sent by the woman’s daughter, according to Taylor, also indicated that not only was she raised from the dead but she was also healed of diabetes.

“Thank you sooo much Dad (Apostle Taylor), the doctors were sooo amazed for my Mom’s speedy recovery, she was dead for 40 minutes but God resurrected her!!! After clinical studies / they tried not to give her diabetic pill and guess what — she got healed from her diabetes as well. She doesn’t need to take her medication no more — she will go home today. Thank you thank you sooooo much for praying for us. …This was her yesterday!” said the message, Taylor claims came from the woman’s daughter.

The Christian Post reached out to Joshua Media Ministries International on Monday and requested an interview with the woman and her family. A representative said they were unable to divulge personal information about the family but explained that they would pass along this reporter’s contact information and would reach out if the family wished to talk.

This story of raising from the dead has apparently failed to garner any other attention in the news.

But, for a moment, let’s imagine this huckster does have the power to raise people from the dead. Why is he in church bilking people out of their money and not in hospitals doing what doctors can’t?

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