Bedlam in the GOP today: another US Senator calls on Trump to step down.

Bedlam in the GOP today: another US Senator calls on Trump to step down. October 8, 2016

Wow, it’s pure chaos in the Republican Party today. Another Republican Senator has come out saying Trump should step down:

Sadly, this is not how it works:

Republican National Committee Rule # 9 outlines what happens when there is a Republican nomination vacancy due to “death, declination or otherwise.”

It basically says that there are two ways for the Republicans to re-nominate a candidate if Trump drops out. 1) They could reconvene at another convention and have all of the 2,472 delegates vote, or 2) the 168-member committee could decide with each member getting a portion of votes based on the population of the state they represent. Number 2 seems like a more likely scenario.

Seems simple? Not so fast. Since we are exactly a month away from the election, there is one major problem: The ballot deadlines have passed in nearly every state. For example, in West Virginia,  the law says a candidate must withdraw “no later than eighty-four days before the general election.” With thirty days to go, we are obviously too late. Each state has different rules about what happens if there is a vacancy. So, even if the Republicans pick a new nominee, it is likely Trump’s name will appear on the ballot in most states.

Early voting ballots have gone out in many states and many of the rest of the ballots are being printed. Trump is not coming off of them. The GOP knows this. They’re simply grand-standing and trying to save face for 2020 at this point. They also know that Mike Pence is currently the front-runner for the nomination in 2020 and that he has the same problem John McCain would have if he were trying to run again: there is video tying him to a Palin/Trump-shaped anchor that will stick with him through the whole election.

This isn’t about getting Trump out of the election right now, it’s about trying to get the GOP back into contention four years from now.

But even if that weren’t the case, imagine what would happen if Trump dropped out. You’d have gaggles of Republicans clamoring for the spot, all with legit claims one way or another (after all, Pence didn’t receive a single vote in the GOP primaries). Meanwhile you’d have all of Trump’s fans disgusted at the establishment kicking out their “outsider”. It would be a chaos from which they would not recover.

Looks like I’ll be tuning in to FOX News on election night just to watch their faces.

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