I recorded a new single with Jeremy Groom: Tell Me Once Again.

I recorded a new single with Jeremy Groom: Tell Me Once Again. November 18, 2016

So, I’m now part of a fun little side project called Reasonable Doubt with Jeremy Groom and Lara Magyar. Last night we recorded our first song called Tell Me Once Again:

Here are the lyrics:

You say he’s just a braggart
like that should ease my mind
he’s claimed the highest office
and I’m searching hard to find
A view of this prolific liar

that lets me understand
how millions of my countrymen
put our lives into his hands

He pandered to the right wing
with promises of change
returning to a better past
to make our country great again
Except for those that don’t conform
to the straight white christian mold
and then you wonder why we’re scared
of what the future holds

tell me once again
how I’m just acting spoiled
How my outrage isn’t justified
and my fear is just pretend
If the words upon his lips
are just the ramblings of a showman
how am I supposed to know when
to ignore or listen in
tell me once again

You find yourself confused
by all the anger that you see
Why would anyone start a protest
just because they don’t agree
Never mind his threats to Muslims
Never mind his racist ties
Never mind his VP’s disregard
for queer marriages and lives

You know you’re not a racist
and you don’t hate on the gays
and it really makes you angry
when they imply you are that way
Their fear is surely counterfeit
Their outrage surely feigned
why march together in the streets
there’s nothing to be gained

Bridge (in Trump’s America we call it a wall)
You find it quite offensive

when they put you in a lump
with racist, sexist homophobes
just because you voted trump
It’s not like he could set back gay rights 30 freaking years
and Trans kids need to stop with spoiled crocodile tears
And no one in the world respects the women more than he
He was not copping to assault, that’s jocularity
His advisers aren’t supremacists, they’re just the new alt right
It’s a very small percentage that dress up in robes at night
And It’s not like you support these things, you really do abhor them
How dare I look askance at you when you choose to ignore them

Just give him a chance to try
You say it’s only fair
and if he mocks a disability
It’s not you, why should you care
give us your huddled masses
give us your weak and worn
unless you’re queer or black or brown
Or your country’s battle torn

I really hope we’ll be able to crank out a song every week. I’m really happy to be getting back into music.

If there’s something you want to hear a song about, leave it in the comments. 🙂

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