Imagine that, FBI says nothing new with Hillary’s emails. Shock. Surprise.

Imagine that, FBI says nothing new with Hillary’s emails. Shock. Surprise. November 7, 2016

Part of what I do with my day is watch political rallies live and, let me tell you, Trump does a lot of them. It’s the same shit over and over, and I find myself longing for sweet release from the burden of life less than five minutes in. But sure enough, when the plane lands at the next destination I’m tuning in to the train wreck.

So I got to see this just as soon as FBI Director (and Republican) James Comey sent his letter to Congress about finding more Hillary emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop:

Comey’s letter was vague because there were no conclusions to be reached. But clearly that didn’t stop Donald Trump. Well, now Comey has cleared Clinton again. It turns out that it wasn’t 650,000 of Hillary’s emails, but rather they belonged to Weinder and a small subset were between him and Hillary, and almost all of them were duplicates of what Clinton already submitted to the FBI. Surprise: Trump didn’t have the first clue what he was talking about (but man, he was sure confident about it). It was nothing. It was nothing from the beginning, but we don’t get so much as an “oops” from Trump. That’s to be expected.

What pisses me right off is the millions of Americans who, despite having no proof, and despite the organization with all the facts/evidence and trained/tasked with enforcing the law clearing her, being positive she’s guilty of…something. Without these idiots, Donald Trump wouldn’t even be a concern.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that the truth is not based on the conclusions you reached before any evidence was accrued. I mean, imagine Comey had come out and said, “Holy shit! These duplicates of what we already knew change everything!” then each and every one of these slavering clowns would’ve treated the FBI like they were beyond reproach. But when the FBI finds there’s literally nothing there, suddenly the FBI (and their Republican Director) are all part of a massive conspiracy against Donald Trump.

Gag me.

And what REALLY pisses me off is how few Republicans, in response to Trump flat out lying (the 650,000 emails were not from Hillary, and they contained no evidence of wrong-doing), said, “Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t the FBI say they have no conclusions? So how is that you know what they don’t, Mr. Trump?” And how many people cast early votes based upon Trump’s bullshit because, for some reason that defies explanation, they took Trump’s word for it instead of spending literally five minutes on Google putting in the effort to be informed? There’s the real issue.

Want to know why politicians are notorious for trying to take advantage of the American voter? There it is, right there. Most of them are gullible and too lazy to arm themselves with the facts.

They go with their guts. Rawr, patriotism!

And because of them, Hillary’s email server, which has been dubbed NOT ILLEGAL by the FBI, may cause people to vote for a bullshit artist going on trial for fraud (Trump “University”) with multiple failed business ventures (Trump Mortgage, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump Airline, oh and Trump “University”, the list goes on), who bragged of sexual assault, outsources jobs on the regular, and…fuck, I’ll just let Seth Meyers explain:

Oh, and Trump’s VP candidate longs for a theocracy where gay people not only can’t get married but can be booted out of businesses which benefit from government-provided infrastructure.

No, there is no sugar-coating this: do not piss your vote away on a third party if you’re in a state that is remotely in the air (looking at you especially, Pennsylvania, since public transport in Philly is on strike which will disproportionately affect Democrat turnout). Look, I get your disillusionment with the two-party system. I do, I really do. I share it. And I know you hear every election that “This election is too important for that stuff.” Usually that’s just political pandering to make sure your votes stay in the system, I’ll grant you that.

But this year it’s actually true!

Check out Fareed Zakaria’s last plea about why Trump must be denied the White House. Consider what we could do with the first liberal Supreme Court in going on 60 years. Donald Trump is not a normal candidate for President in a very, very frightening way (especially when you add Mike Pence to the cocktail).

These two candidates are not the same. They are not even close. And Jill Stein/Gary Johnson are leeching waaaaaay more voters away from Clinton than from Trump. Considering Trump’s toxicity, that’s a problem for all Americans. Please, please, please get out and vote tomorrow.

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