Julia Sweeney on Letting Go of God

Julia Sweeney on Letting Go of God January 1, 2014

Let’s start the new year with a little levity after that serious conversation starter yesterday. Some have undoubtedly seen this already but even so, it’s worth a watch. This is Julia Sweeney (Saturday Night Live, etc) performing the first 15 minutes of her 2 hour long solo show, Letting Go of God (2006). Then, listen to the NPR interview she recently did. Below is a funny quote from that interview that I have thought about (and even preached about) many times myself.

Why would God care if people believed in him or not? That was one of the many things I found so shocking reading the Bible. First of all, how insecure God is. God is so insecure he needs everyone to say, ‘You’re the #1 over all the other gods!’… It’s the most insecure character.

—Julia Sweeney on NPR.

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