Talking with Mary Hynes on Tapestry

Talking with Mary Hynes on Tapestry March 23, 2014

I had such a lovely talk this week with Mary Hynes, host of the CBC Radio show, Tapestry. The episode aired across Canada this morning and is available now online. Every time I talk to a journalist—especially an interviewer as good as Mary Hynes—I find that I get more clarity about my journey and what I’ve learned so far. I’d love to hear what you think.

The episode opens with an interview with singer/songwriter Veda Hille. My bit begins at 29:17…

Click image above to listen to the show


Coming up this week on the blog…

  • The first post of the book club: I’ll share my thoughts about section one (only the first 20 pages) of Critique of Religion & Philosophy, by Walter Kaufmann.
  • Three month update: I’ll share a recap of the year so far, stand out conversations and experience, what I’m currently thinking about the possibility of god
  • Reflections on a year outside pastoral ministry

On Saturday, March 29, 3:45 pm, I’ll be joining Kyle Jones and Adele Sakler at the TransFORM Network gathering in San Diego for the Skeptimergent Panel discussion.

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