Out of the mouth of babes

Out of the mouth of babes June 13, 2014

It’s gotten a bit serious around here lately, so I figured I would lighten things up a bit. I was reminded about this clip today while reading another blog about kids and religion in which the author wrote:

I was an easy audience, too, as a youngster. I both trusted the adults and feared disappointing them. It seems to me this may be the origin of Theology: A congregant has a question, is dissuaded temporarily by a cleric’s obfuscatory response, and after giving it some thought comes back with a somewhat more sophisticated form of the question for which the cleric must compose a more detailed answer. Multiply that process by a million and you’ve developed a corpus, a compendium of explanations just boggling enough to stay a step ahead of the flock. It’s brilliant, actually, and would happen quite naturally.

It’s from the British TV show, Outnumbered. If you haven’t seen this you really owe yourself a 4 minute break from whatever you’re doing.

Your’e welcome!

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