Welcome To “You Might Be Right: An Interspiritual Journey”

Welcome To “You Might Be Right: An Interspiritual Journey” February 2, 2024

Welcome to “You Might Be Right: An Interspiritual Journey,” my column on Patheos!! Thanks for joining me on an interspiritual journey and for reading my column.

I lived a conservative, Christian life. In midlife, I asked the big questions. Is there a God? How are we to live? What is the meaning of life? What happens when we die?

I questioned the answers that Western Christianity offered and resolved to discover Truth with a capital T, even if it took me beyond my Western, Christian worldview.

My journey transformed me from a single-minded investment banker to an open-hearted and open-minded spiritual seeker.
My journey transformed me from a single-minded investment banker to an open-hearted and open-minded spiritual seeker. Image from Pixabay/mvandepi

My 20-Year Journey

I was inspired by the Bible story of the rich, young man who could not bring himself to sell everything and follow Jesus. Eventually, I left my big job and sold my big house to spend my life in service. I spent a year taking care of my grandson, a month teaching school in Africa, and a few weeks helping children at camps.

For years, I drove veterans to the Veterans Administration clinic and participated in the annual homeless count. I prepared tax returns for low-income families and volunteered for the American Red Cross. Outside of my insular church and community, I met a variety of people of all shapes and sizes.

During that time, I traveled around the world and read over 1,000 books about spirituality. Also, I enjoyed some powerful experiences in various spiritual traditions, including baking in a sweat lodge, chanting to Shiva, meditating in a zendo, and whirling with the dervishes.

An Interspiritual Understanding

Almost everyone who pursues a broad and deep exploration of other traditions is moved by the compassion of Christianity, the devotion of Islam. the intellectual rigor of Judaism, the earthy practicality of Buddhism, and the rich vocabulary of Hinduism.

All religion is cultural. I came to see the commonalities among religions that exhibited what Aldous Huxley and others call the perennial philosophy that underlies the major spiritual traditions.

Asking “What is the right religion?” is like asking “What is the right language?”

When a Christian encounters God, when a Buddhist encounters Emptiness, and when a Hindu encounters Brahman, they seem to be describing the same experience in their own “languages.”

All theology is speculation, and Christian theology is not as absolute, authentic, original, rational, unchanging or universal as I once believed.

A Dramatic Transformation

At the same time, I realized that the Eastern religions, the mystics and the scientists understand that everyone is related, and everything is connected. This profound, but simple, understanding underlies most spiritual traditions. When practiced, this inclusive spirituality is transformative.

Gradually, I evolved from a single-minded investment banker to an open-hearted and open-minded spiritual seeker. My life was richer. I connected deeply with all kinds of people naturally, I cried more, and I laughed more. I had more friends, and I had richer friendships.

A Look Ahead

I am a follower of Jesus with a Zen practice. I explore history, mythology, psychology, science and theology to inform a modern spirituality that is truly transformational – less intellectual, more experiential and more open-hearted.

Christianity is the native language for me and for most of my readers, so I attempt to introduce new concepts in ways that will be understandable to all readers, including Christian readers.

My tone is not angry or judgmental, but I will call out some of the speculative theology, supernatural beliefs and unkind practices of various spiritual traditions, including Christianity.

Join me as we explore the big questions of life, in search of Truth with a capital T.

Welcome to “You Might Be Right: An Interspiritual Journey.”

Thanks for reading!!


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About Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan is a follower of Jesus with Zen practice. Recently, he published his first book, “The Way: Meaningful Spirituality for a Modern World,” which was informed by the Eastern religions, the mystics, and the quantum physicists. You can read more about the author here.

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