I want to speak at your event and I’ll do it for free.


I’ve been preaching and speaking at churches and faith events off and on for well over a decade now. I’ve preached around the country and across the Pond. I’ve spoken in the halls of Duke Divinity School and in the streets of Nicaragua. I’ve taught about the faith on YouTube and to teenagers as a youth pastor.

But you probably only know me from my writing. Which is great! I can’t thank you enough for following my work. But what you may not know is that while I love writing, I actually love talking to people even more and I want to turn the opportunities I’ve had to speak into a more regular thing.

With the release of my new book Unraptured (a #1 New Release on Amazon!!), I’m eager to put together a book tour and talk more to folks in person about what it looks like to bring the kingdom of God down to earth as it is in heaven. But the themes found in Unraptured – authentic Christianity, healthier ways to read the Bible, a practical understanding of the gospel, and practicing faith in the public square – are themes I’ve been writing and talking about for years and they extend far beyond the pages of my book. Which is why I’d love to come speak at any event you might be having where those themes are the topic of conversation.

It goes without saying that there is a big difference between filling in when the pastor is away or talking at the occasional event and speaking on a regular basis. I’ve done plenty of the former, but I need more experience doing the latter.

So, for the next 6 months I’m offering to waive my honorarium and come speak about my book or at your event for nothing more than the cost of travel.

Now, as I write this I realize I probably should have picked a different day to post this other than April 1st, so let me assure you: this is not an April Fools’ Day joke.

I’m very serious.

I have a passion for writing and talking about healthy, authentic Christianity and I want to do more of both. For the most part, I can do the writing bit on my own, but if I’m going to be able to talk to more folks, I need your help.

So, if you’ve got a book club, small group, bible study, or Sunday morning service you’d like me to come talk about Unraptured at, send me an invitation! Or if you’ve got a faith event coming up that you need a speaker for, please let me know!

And, of course, f you have any questions for me about this offer or simply still don’t believe this isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke (it’s not, I promise!!), you can reach me at zaackspeaks@gmail.com.

I hope to hear from you soon and can wait to speak to your group in person!